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Everything You Need to Know About Managing Water Leaks in Your Home


Among the most frequent yet damaging issues in buildings, water leaks are a threat to home- and property owners. Yet virtually anyone can learn how to stop water from trickling—or pouring—from a breakage. Indeed, grasping how to manage every leak type, where they most often appear, and who covers the cost of repairs will help you become a more knowledgeable and independent homeowner. Nevertheless, you will need a leak repair company’s services to address any leak’s underlying cause.

Homeowners throughout Northern Virginia can turn to Willway Services for pipe repairs and maintenance work. Our water leak service team comprises professionally trained and licensed plumbers whose work we back with 1-year parts and labor warranties. We also offer drain and sewer cleaning, fixture repair and replacement, and more. Call (571) 365-0304 to learn more or schedule a service appointment today!

Below, we outline everything you should know about water leaks in your home:


The Types of Leaks & How to Contain Them

  • Non-damaging
    Although we often think of water leaks as damaging, some—like a running toilet or a dripping faucet—may cause only financial damage. Such leaks won’t interfere with your daily life, but they’re annoying and can signal more significant problems in your plumbing systems.

    You can confirm whether you have a leak by turning off all indoor and outdoor water fixtures and then checking your water meter. If it still registers usage, schedule water leak repair from Willway’s professional team.
  • Mildly or moderately damaging
    The second class of leaks are those that cause modest damages yet may occur unnoticed for some time. A small leak within a wall, a cracked sink or tub, or a dripping water heater are problematic alone, yet the structural damage they can cause presents far more danger. Water eats away at materials’ integrity and can cause mold to grow.

    If you have such a leak in your home, turn off the water immediately and clean up any water you can. You should also disinfect surfaces where water has stood for some time. Then, schedule an appointment with Willway.
  • Severely damaging
    The worst leaks are often sudden emergencies that can threaten your entire home. A pipe freezes and then bursts in the crawl space; a significant breakage occurs in the wall; your water heater only produces filthy, foul-smelling water. Turn off your home’s water ASAP and call for emergency plumbing services before more damage can occur. Additionally, gather photo evidence of the water damage—you may need homeowner’s insurance to pay for the repairs.


The Most Common Leak Locations in Homes

Again, while some leaks announce their presence with significant damages, others offer no warning signs. Therefore, homeowners must keep an eye on their water meters and bills to catch unusual spikes in usage. They can also check the most common locations of water leaks:


  • Water supply line
    If you believe your home has a leak yet cannot locate it, your water supply line may be the source. This line is underground, so you must contact your water utility company to check its condition.
  • Faucets, showers, and tubs
    Familiar plumbing fixtures and all their mechanical parts can create numerous problems that result in leaks. Yet whether you need fixture repairs or replacements, a professional provider can ensure the issue is solved and the leak sealed.
  • Toilets
    Another frequent source of leaks, toilets often have issues that are silent and go unnoticed. You must remove the tank lid and inspect the flushing mechanism, where the water level reaches and drains into the overflow tube. Again, a plumbing service provider can correct the problem.

Reliable Leak Repair Company Operating throughout Northern Virginia

Although no one-size-fits-all solution exists for plumbing problems, Northern Virginia residents can have them all fixed by one leak repair company: Willway Services. Our team offers comprehensive plumbing solutions and outstanding customer service. We only employ experienced professionals who aim for the best possible outcomes. To speak to a sink and shower leak repair company, call (571) 365-0304 today!