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How to Stop a Leaking Pipe While Waiting for a Plumber


With all the right parts and conditions in place, plumbing systems fulfill one of a structure’s most critical functions. So, you must seek plumbing professionals for accurate water line leak repairs if your system stops functioning. Since leaks can spread fast and damage a structure before a plumber arrives, learn some temporary solutions to prevent such damage. Putty, repair tape, and other quick fixes can help you protect your plumbing and property.


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Below, we discuss how to plug a leaking pipe before a plumber corrects the issue:

Turn Off the Water Supply

After you call for professional plumbing water leak repair, shut off the water supply to the affected area. Locating the nearest water valve and stopping the flow of the leaky pipe will cut off the stream of water coming from the leak. Even after shutting off the supply, you will see a bit more leakage as the line clears. Use a bucket and towels to collect this excess.

Clean Up the Area


To protect your property and belongings from water damage, clear the area and ensure nothing remains near the leaky pipe. Additionally, dry the pipe and wipe away any pooling water to prepare the area for your temporary solution while preventing further damage. If the leak poses a safety risk (for instance, water leaking over electrical systems), vacate the premises and wait for emergency water leak repair services.

Employ a Temporary Solution 

Manufacturers have created a range of products to manage water line leaks temporarily. These items, offered at most home improvement stores, can close and seal cracks and holes if applied correctly. Products to look for include:


  • Plumber’s Putty
  • Repair Clamp
  • Repair Spray
  • Repair Tape


Remember that these are temporary measures, and it’s essential to have reliable plumbing professionals address the issue for a permanent solution.

Professional Water Line Leak Repair Available throughout Northern Virginia

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