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’23 West Potomac Football Program Sponsorship

Willway Services is excited and proud to sponsor the football teams of West Potomac High School for the ’23 season.

The heritage of Willway Services started at West Po with three of our founding members being alumni. One of our founding members, Zack Monson, was a part of the West Potomac football program for 4 years, from the ’15-’18 seasons. Zack’s family also played an integral role as his father was active in coaching; his brother played 4 years and is actively coaching the ’23 season. Calvin Ferguson performed Color Guard at home games while enrolled in the school’s JROTC program.

This sponsorship opportunity means a lot to us. Athletics are an extremely valuable tool for the development of children, teenagers, and young adults. We believe that all youth should have access to sports programs and equipment wherever they are. It means a lot knowing that the money Willway Services has donated to West Po’s football program is going towards the team’s budget for equipment and other critical items needed to operate for the ’23 season.

We hope to make a positive impact for the athletes this year and look forward to the first of many seasons of sponsorship.

Let’s go West Po!

Our Team


Willway is a locally owned and operated business. We are a team of professionally trained plumbers.

Calvin Ferguson


Calvin believes in honesty and integrity, He approaches each job knowing almost anything is possible. “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Anthony Laboy


Anthony is an Air Force Veteran, family man, and customer service professional. He keeps the pipeline open and the team flowing.

Zach Monson


Zach is intentional about everything he does, an astute professional, and a team player. He does the job right and does right by our customers.



Darwin is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience. Some say he’s the best gas fitter on the east coast. Doing the job right is his number one priority in the field.



Cindy is our nurturing social butterfly. She creates interdependent relationships and is always looking for ways to help others with their plumbing needs.

Our Services

Leaks and Clogs

Water Line Assessment

A leak can start anywhere and be as simple as a dripping faucet or a blown-out fitting or pipe. We will assess the water line to identify the source of the leak.

When pipes get blocked, they drain slowly and cause backups that will lead to water coming back up the drain. If your home is experiencing problems with clogged pipes, you have two options: hydro-jet cleaning or snaking.

Snaking and Hydro Jetting

Clogged drains can be a big problem. Willway Plumbing can help. Our Snaking and Hydro Jetting services can remove debris from pipes, making sure that your drains flow freely.

Camera Inspection

We can inspect your entire drainage network for blockages, cracks or collapsed pipes using a hi-res camera on a flexible fiber optic line. Pinpointing problems early on with a video inspection can save you big-time down the road.

Repairs and replacements

When a fixture starts to leak, stops working as normal, or the finish is faded and scratched, it may be time to consider repairing or replacing it. We offer a wide variety of replacements from local suppliers to bring the best products into your home.

If you have a leak, turn the water off immediately or put a bucket under the leak. Then give us a call to have our experienced plumbers identify and fix the leak.

When a drain pipe is slow, smells, clogs, or leaks it can create a messy situation. Stop using water for the fixture in which the drain pipe is connected to, and give Willway a call. Our professional plumbers can remedy the problem.

Willway Plumbing provides gas pipe repair, replacement and leak detection services. Our licensed plumbers will determine whether your gas pipes are damaged. If so, we’ll complete the necessary repairs or replacement.

Filtration, Heaters, and Pumps

Our water testing services are affordable and convenient. Our expert plumbers will provide unbiased advice and recommend the best solution to any water problem.

We provide top-of-the-line water treatment and filtration systems for your home, ensuring you have clean and safe water for drinking, bathing, and cooking.

If your water heater is leaking, not providing hot water, or making strange noises, call on Willway. We provide and install all types of hot water heaters, gas or electric, tank or tankless. Never run out of hot water again.

Backups and overflows can quickly become a disaster. We recommend regular inspection and maintenance of your sump pump to prevent issues. We can make sure your pump works properly for when you need it most.

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